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Thank you for stopping by. American Black Elderberry cuttings prices below.

More info and Pricing on American Black Elderberry cuttings. Contact me to make a purchase.

American Black Elderberry cuttings you can start them in soil or in a jar of water.

Rooting hormone is not needed for American Black Elderberry cuttings, they aggressively grow roots in about 6 weeks.

American Black Elderberry is self pollinating, you donít need two.

You do get bigger berries by having several Elderberry varieties in close proximity.

American Black Elderberry grow 6 1/2 foot - 13 foot high They flower June-July and produce berries in August - September.

It is native across the U.S. except in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. They prefer East of the Rocky Mountains.

Attracts pollinators to your property when flowering and birds love them when they are fruiting.

The seeds, stems, leaves and roots of the American Black Elderberry are all poisonous to humans. They contain a cyanide inducing glycoside. Eating a sufficient quantity of these cyanide inducing glycosides can cause a toxic buildup of cyanide in the body and make you quite ill.

Buy American Black Elderberries have great medicinal value.

Cooking the berries destroys the glycosides present in the seeds, making the berries with their seeds safe to eat. As such, the fruit of the American Black Elderberry should always be cooked before consumption.

Know your grow zones, American Black Elderberry grow zones 3-7.

Old fashion in ways. Check, money order or cash accepted. Send a message on Facebook or text, to check availability and mailing details. Thanks for supporting the small homestead.

I only ship to lower 48 states, but don't ship to California.

3- American Black Elderberry Cuttings
Buy for $12 includes shipping.

10- American Black Elderberry Cuttings.
Buy for $20 includes shipping.

1- American Black Elderberry plant.
Buy for $5 Local Pick up.Johnstown, Pa.

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Buy American black Elderberry to help feed honeybees, buy online and get them in a few days mail order. thanks for supporting the little homestead.

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