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Thank you for stopping by. Creeping Thyme prices below.

More info and Pricing on Creeping Thyme. Contact me to make a purchase.

The photo above is the look of thyme during winter here in Pennsylvania in a unheated greenhouse and the 2 inch drill I use to to make holes for the creeping thyme pouches.

Shipping sadly is not cheap anymore, trying to make it fair and easy for everyone.

On big orders it takes a little over a month to get these rooted, so could be a delay, so plan ahead.

The pouches when sent are well rooted and 2-3+ inches of growth.

Saves lots of time using these biodegradable pouches, plant them with the plant.

Great thing about this thyme, it can be planted any time of year unless ground is frozen, sooner you get it planted sooner your project will fill in.

These are not just little plugs that most sell, these are 3 1/2 inch high pouches full of established roots and soil.
Figure 1 per square foot and 2-3 years to fill in..

Old fashion in ways. Check, money order or cash accepted. I no longer do Ebay or Paypal. Send a message on Facebook or text, to check availability and mailing details. Thanks for supporting the small homestead.

I only ship to lower 48 states, but don't ship to California.

3- Creeping thyme rooted pouches. Sample Pack
Buy for $12 includes shipping.

6- Creeping thyme rooted pouches.
Buy for $20 includes shipping.

12- Creeping thyme rooted pouches.
Buy for $29 includes shipping.

24- Creeping thyme rooted pouches.
Buy for $48 includes shipping.

48- Creeping thyme rooted pouches.
Buy for $80 includes shipping.

I like pre-orders on bigger orders specially during summer months when its to hot to ship them and gives time to get your batch started, ready,rooted and shipped when weather is cooler towards fall.
My offer on pre-orders is 10% off prices listed above, once payment is recieved I will get your order started, figure around 6 weeks til they are ready to be shipped, this gives me and you time to prepare for your project.

72- Creeping thyme rooted in 72 cell tray.
Buy for $50 Advanced pre-order Local Pick up. Johnstown, Pa.

Cheaper bare root option below..

Pink creeping thyme starter plants with roots.
These are not plugs or in biodegradable pouches just plants with bare roots wrapped in soil and newspaper like a bouquet to keep roots moist.

I plant them just like this around here, sometimes without roots and they naturally grow root themselves after around a month.

I will bundle the the creeping thyme to keep roots moist like a bouquet.

Avalible anytime for local pickup or shipped when cooler October to April.
6 Bare root for $13 includes shipping

12 Bare root for $19 includes shipping

24 Bare root for $35 includes shipping

48 Bare root for $55 includes shipping

100 Bare root for $95 includes shipping

I can help with your project big or small.

Message me on Facebook Messenger

Buy creeping thyme to help feed honeybees, buy creeping thyme for erotion control, buy creeping thyme for flagstone projects, buy creeping thyme for creeping thyme yards, buy creeping thyme for groundcover, buy online and get them in a few days mail order. thanks for supporting the little homestead.

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