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Creeping Thyme and Flagstone.

Generally, creeping thyme takes one year to get established, and then begins to spread in its second season making it a great choice for flagstone, pavers and stepping stones.

Creeping Thyme spreads by sending stems along the ground's surface to periodically grow leaves and roots and dropping seeds along the way to fill in between your flagstone, pavers and stepping stones.

Too often pathway gaps are neglected and become a home for weeds. But where some may see awkward spaces between stepping stones, pavers and flagstone, we see potential. Creeping thyme between flagstone and pavers can soften hard lines, adding a lush, living element to a design.

Creeping thyme is great for flagstone projects, it grows low around 3 inches high, easy to maintain once established.

Creeping thyme is hardy, can walk on it and it releases great fragrance.

Creeping thyme roots grow tightly, dense,matted and chokes out a lot of weeds in your flagstone paver area, less weeding after established.

You donít need the best soil in your flagstone garden area for creeping thyme to grow and itís drought resistant.

Creeping Thyme, honeybees and pollinators

Creeping Thyme Groundcover

Creeping Thyme and Flagstone

Creeping Thyme Lawns

Planting my Creeping Thyme Pouches - Propagation of Creeping Thyme

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