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Honeybees, Butterflies and other plollinators love Creeping Thyme.

Honeybees love flowering creeping thyme, they are not the only ones, bubble bees, butterflies and many other pollinating insects as well.

If you have a garden or orchard you want to do all you can to attract the honeybees, creeping thyme is ranked high up there as a honeybee favorite.

We need our honeybees, without the honeybees the world would go hungry, we need them to pollinate our plants and fruit trees that feed us, so help feed them by planting creeping thyme.

To produce a pound of honey, foraging honey bees have to fly a whopping 55,000 miles! That's a lot of honey bees, working very hard, because each honey bee will only produce around one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its life! Plant creeping thyme to help them out.

The nectar from creeping thyme creates delicious honey after all the bees hard work.

I enjoy watching the honeybees and butterflies indulging in the sweet nectar on the hillsides of creeping thyme here, they are harmless just doing their thing.

Creeping Thyme, honeybees and pollinators

Creeping Thyme Groundcover

Creeping Thyme and Flagstone

Creeping Thyme Lawns

Planting my Creeping Thyme Pouches - Propagation of Creeping Thyme

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