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Creeping Thyme Lawn, No Mow Lawn.

Do you hate to mow your lawn? You are not alone, many folks are switching to no mow creeping thyme lawns.

Creeping thyme lawns are drought resistant, makes it a great lawn replacement choice.

Creeping thyme yards donít need to be expensive, start small, buy one of my creeping thyme deals and propagate the rest. Not saying it wonít be a lot of work, but itís easy work to save a ton.

Preparing your sod yard for creeping thyme can be a lot of work if you are digging it up by hand, I suggest doing a little at a time.

To plant a creeping thyme yard, plant them 6-12 inch apart staggered, Iíd suggest starting a small area maybe 6 foot x 6 foot plant them 6 inches apart and and every 4 months or so get cuttings from them and propagate a few hundred at a time and make the area bigger as you go.

Once the pretty creeping thyme flowers have died off and browned in your yard, may want to raise mower up a little and do a quick mow just to get rid of the dead stuff.

I donít sell the tiny plug, these are much bigger and more bigger rooted biodegradable pouches with creeping thyme as you see in photos, which means they will grow faster right from the start.

I use a 2 inch garden drill, makes planting so easy. Could easily plant 100 creeping thymes a hour.

Creeping thyme yards may not look pretty for a couple years, but after itís established, itís great not having to mow!

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Creeping Thyme, honeybees and pollinators

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