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Shipping Creeping Thyme, Blackberry and Elderberry is easy.

Orders are shipped USPS.
Like to ship live plants Monday,Tuesdays and Wednesdays, depending on your area, so mail is not sitting in mail system on weekends.
Thyme ships very well in freezing to 70 degree weather.
During hot spells I do watch the weather in your area, and ship during best posible time, I will keep you informed.
Will send tracking infromation once order is shipped, if its sunny and hot be sure to get package when it arrives so they don't cook in package.

I like to ship Elderberry cuttings in December, January, February and March while dormant.

Blackberry plants I ship them March through to November.

Creeping Thyme Pricing - Click Here

American Black Elderberry Pricing - Click Here

Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry Pricing - Click Here

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Buy creeping thyme to help feed honeybees, buy creeping thyme for erotion control, buy creeping thyme for flagstone projects, buy creeping thyme for creeping thyme yards, buy creeping thyme for groundcover, buy online and get them in a few days mail order. thanks for supporting the little homestead.

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