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Planting Creeping Thyme plants and Propagation.

Creeping thyme once itís established can be propagated a few ways.

The easiest way to propagate established creeping thyme is dig one up and pull it apart to make several new plants, making sure some roots are attached and replant them all in new areas you want to fill in. You donít need to be gentle, creeping thyme is a hardy plant.

You donít need to dig them up to propagate them, can take cuttings from them.

I usually take around 3 inch cuttings off the creeping thyme, kind of like giving them a haircut, put them in biodegradable pouches or containers I wish to grow them in and in a month they have grown roots.

As you see in photos here you donít need the best soil for creeping thyme to grow, it will find a way to root and thrive.

If your in no hurry to fill in a area, can start with a small batch of my creeping thyme plants and in a year you will be able to propagate 100ís more new plants of your own to fill in your project.

It has took me a lot of hard work on my thyme project around here, planted thousands of them, I started with around 100 creeping thyme seeds, only 1 seed made it and the rest I propagated by hand. Creeping thyme is hard to grow from seed and wow they are tiny seeds.

I use a 2 inch garden drill bit to dig my holes to plant creeping thyme around here, saves lots of time.

I myself plant the creeping thyme around 1 every square foot.

Takes about a year for creeping thyme to establish and after that it just starts spreading like crazy. I hope my knowledge and photos helped you, I know I get excited about my creeping thyme, some may even think Iím nuts. :)

Happy planting and propagating :)

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Planting my Creeping Thyme Pouches - Propagation of Creeping Thyme

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